Is it better to keep prisoners in prison or force them do a social work if it comes to a class C?


Prisoners of class C. They have not committed any heavy offence but they are in prison because they are guilty of some light violation like single-shot stealing, damaging someone’s property, holding a shotgun without permission, unarmed robbery performing street art as graffiti or driving drunk.  Some of them may have regretted what they had done a long time ago but what once had been done cannot be change. Some may have done it just because of a momentary nutcase. These people have committed a crime that is for sure and should be punished but I think they desire a second chance. So here the question arises: How should the justice treat them? Will not be giving them a social work better? These are the questions I will try to answer.

First of all I would like to say that we are not talking about insane people who would be able to kill but about people who had just done something wrong and must be punished. Another definition says that they are not trusted enough to be free in prison but would certainly not try to escape. What is more while many of these people enrol to prison as ordinary people thy come out as wreck of Hesperus. One who has experienced it may even commit more serious crimes when one is released because for past few years they have been in contact only with criminals. Is there some way how to predict this situation?

Yes, I think so. Government can force them do social work as it has more benefits than one may think.  Some of them are that it gives the prisoners second chance, improves our economy and prisoners will not be so down in soul. Some prisoners become lazy in prison because they do nothing and when they are released they are no table to find a job or worse they do not want to find it. Giving them a work while they are in prison would predict it. And there is one more thing. Government has to pay a huge sum of Money on prisoners and if they worked they could pay for their stay in prison. There are also one disadvantage that prisoner can escape but if they are controlled I do not think it makes a problem

Another possibility is to set them free with electrical bracelet which monitors everything you do but I do not thing it is effective because it is very expensive and you never know what the prisoner does.

All in all I would say that it is better to force prisoners of class c do a social work as it has more advantages than disadvantages.


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